Welcome, Administrators!

Dear Principals and District Administrators,

Thank you so much for your attendance at the ETC Conference! Your dedication to learning more about best practices in instructional technology will surely benefit your students, staff, and school community.

Administrators have a direct and profound influence on the success of technology-enhanced initiatives in our schools.
We hope that this conference will allow you to focus time on learning more about the tools that your students and teachers are using (or hope to use) in their classrooms. Although we will highlight sessions that may be of interest to you, please know that you are encouraged to attend any and all sessions based on the needs of your school community!

Session 1

Session 2

Google Keep: The Master To Do List

Room: 102
Presenter: Adam Geiman, Eastern Lancaster County School District
Audience: K-6
Tired of making to-do-lists and leaving them on your desk? Need a better more efficient way to remember all the tasks you are assigned? Check out Google Keep and find out how this simple tool will help keep you organized, on-time, and up-to-date with all of your professional / personal office needs.

Personalized Exploration of GDocs and GSlides

Room: 103
Presenter: Beth Hartranft & Shelly Chmil, Warwick School District
Audience: K-6, Leadership, Tech Integrator
This interactive session will give attendees an opportunity to explore the different features of Google Docs and Google Slides through a hyperdoc format. This self-paced, personalized approach to learning will provide you with valuable resources that can be shared with students or staff.

Make it, Build it, Design it, Code it @ Your Library!
Room: 106A
Presenter: Andrew Wulfkuhle, Donegal School District
Audience: K-6, Leadership
This session will allow conference attendees to experience a day in a library Makerspace. It will include the set-up, equipment, and instruction associated with creating your own Makerspace as well as an opportunity for a hands on Makerspace experience!

STEM for Every Kid
Room: 106B
Presenter: Mitchell Swords, Pequea Valley School District
Audience: K-6, Leadership
Do you wish to integrate STEM projects and mindsets into a center, a unit, or a thematic curriculum into your classroom? Are you beginning a STEM initiative in your elementary school or school district. Learn some tips, mindsets, and methodologies in this presentation of how to get STEM into your classroom in an engaging and academically meaningful way.

Session 4