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Chris Smith - Assistant Manager of Computer Services
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Phone - (717) 397-5231 ext 2402
Tara Meyer - 5th Grade Elementary Teacher
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How is blogging being used in a 5th grade classroom.
  • Topics for writing
  • Student Authors
  • Literature Circles

Getting Started

Create your classroom blog.
  • Talk with your district tech integrators to see if a blog site is already set up.
    • Examples - Conestoga Valley, Hempfield, Warwick, Manheim Township, Penn Manor
Learn how to use the blog yourself
Teach your students how to use it.

Whole group discussion and presentation
  • Rules for blogging
  • Navigate for them and with them
  • Discuss appropriate and professional student language-example of first post
  • Discuss differences between social networking tools and educational tools to discuss opinions
  • Share with them the teacher's view and how the blog is monitored and evaluated
  • Discuss using the blog at home.
What does it all look like?


The what, why and how to blogging in your classroom -
Educational Blogging 101
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