11:05 - 11:55 am - Session Descriptions

Google Keep: The Master To Do List

Room: 102
Presenter: Adam Geiman, Eastern Lancaster County School District
Audience: K-6
Tired of making to-do-lists and leaving them on your desk? Need a better more efficient way to remember all the tasks you are assigned? Check out Google Keep and find out how this simple tool will help keep you organized, on-time, and up-to-date with all of your professional / personal office needs.

Personalized Exploration of GDocs and GSlides

Room: 103
Presenter: Beth Hartranft & Shelly Chmil, Warwick School District
Audience: K-6, Leadership, Tech Integrator
This interactive session will give attendees an opportunity to explore the different features of Google Docs and Google Slides through a hyperdoc format. This self-paced, personalized approach to learning will provide you with valuable resources that can be shared with students or staff.

Robots with Mrs. Roberts
Room: 104
Presenter: Christine Roberts, West Chester Area School District
Audience: K-6
Learn the basics of how to code robots with Dash, Bee Bot, Sphero and Ozobot. Several ideas will be given that will help you integrate coding and robotics into your curriculum.

Make it, Build it, Design it, Code it @ Your Library!
Room: 106A
Presenter: Andrew Wulfkuhle, Donegal School District
Audience: K-6, Leadership
This session will allow conference attendees to experience a day in a library Makerspace. It will include the set-up, equipment, and instruction associated with creating your own Makerspace as well as an opportunity for a hands on Makerspace experience!

STEM for Every Kid
Room: 106B
Presenter: Mitchell Swords, Pequea Valley School District
Audience: K-6, Leadership
Do you wish to integrate STEM projects and mindsets into a center, a unit, or a thematic curriculum into your classroom? Are you beginning a STEM initiative in your elementary school or school district. Learn some tips, mindsets, and methodologies in this presentation of how to get STEM into your classroom in an engaging and academically meaningful way.

Badging with Flippity & Google Sheets
Room: 106C
Presenter: Stephanie Coleman, South Eastern School District
Audience: K-6
In this presentation, attendees will learn how to use the Flippity template for Google Sheets to create and assign badges to students.

Classroom Economy
Room: 106D
Presenter: Steve Scheidt, Conestoga Valley School District
Audience: K-6
Gamify your learning environment by creating a fantasy economy! Whatever subject(s) you teach, watch motivation soar among your learners as they take charge of their very own classroom economy. Whether you want to add a simple layer of "buy-in" behind what you already do, or you want to revamp your entire learning environment, this session is for you. Learn how to establish a classroom economy as simple or as complex as you like in order to affect virtually all aspects of the classroom, from behavior management to academic responsibilities and leadership. We will explore cash styles, classroom "jobs," how to build and use a classroom store system, rental systems, taxes, fines, bonuses, banking, investment desk "rentals," and more. A practical set of tools, available for FREE from The Vanguard Group, will be presented to get you up and running in no time. With experience implementing varying economy types in 3rd and 5th grade math and language arts classrooms, Steve will help you invest in your classroom economy at any level you desire.

New Literacies for Online Text
Room: 106E
Presenter: Terri Lewis, Ed.D. , Lancaster Lebanon IU13
Audience: Intermediate (4-6)
How does reading online text differ from reading offline text? How can teachers increase their students’ comprehension of online text? During this interactive session, participants will explore these questions, the “new literacies” of online text, and tools to promote active reading when reading online.

Individualized Learning made easy with Exact Path
Room: 107
Presenter: Dawn Cavic, Cornwall-Lebanon School District & Kathleen Bendernagel, Edmentum
Audience: K-6, Leadership
Exact Path is an adaptive, diagnostic K-8 program that creates a customized learning path for each student. This tool will identify the strengths and weaknesses for each student and create targeted, adaptive instruction that is aligned to your goals, paced to your students’ needs and structured to give students control over their own educational journey. 

Pencil Me in for Google Drawings
Room: 108
Presenter: Chris McCaffrey
Audience: K-6
Description: At first glance, it can be easy to write off the Google Drawing app. It does seem rather simplistic and not very useful. However, it is actually a powerful image creator and editor. Add in the fact that you can collaborate on a drawing, and it's too awesome to be ignored. This session will focus on many different ways to use Google Drawings in the classroom. From creating a timeline, to an infographic or even using it to show work on a math problem, Google Drawings is a versatile and engaging tool for any classroom.