2:00 - 2:50 pm - Session Descriptions

Make Learning Fun! - Hands-on Exploration Room

Room: 101

Presenters: Vicki Treadway

Audience: 6-12, Leadership
Description:Come explore and play with AR/VR and other coding devices. In addition, gather your friends and tweet photos from our photo booth. Feel free to dice it up some more!

Sparking Inquiry in ELA w/ G Suite
Room: 102
Presenter: Sara Bowers, Wilson School District
Audience: Intermediate (4-6)
Description:This workshop focuses on ways to utilize Google Apps in order to spark inquiry in English Language Arts. Attendees will participate in a variety of inquiry activities through the lens of a student. Participants should already have a solid understanding of Google Apps, as this workshop will focus on using the tools to implement inquiry strategies and not on the tools themselves.

Slip and Slides Your Way to Learning

Room: 103
Presenter: Matt Bergman
Audience: K-6
Description: Teachers often use Google Slides as a presentation tool; however, there are so many more features and strategies that can be used in learning. Learn strategies for using Google Slides to increase engagement, strengthen understanding, develop important skills, and transform learning.

Wonder Workshop Robotics Competition

Room: 104
Presenter: Nicole Shoemaker
Audience: K-6
Wonder Workshop Robotics Competition
This session will discuss how elementary students are participating in the Wonder Workshop Robotics Competition during an after-school coding club. Kids go through three missions defined by Wonder Workshop to learn coding skills and work collaboratively with their team. Students who participate in all three missions may be selected for an invitational mission in February. Come hear about what they are doing and test your skills with Dash and Dot yourself!

Integrate Coding Across the Content Area

Room: 106A
Presenter: Dr. Jessica D. Redcay
Audience: K-3
Description: Students learn best when coding concepts are embedded in instruction. This workshop will provide educators with ways to embed coding concepts across content areas (reading, writing, math, science, and social studies). The activities involve using Ozobot, Code and Go Robot Mouse, and unplugged activities. At the end of the workshop, participants will leave with a plethora of ideas and lessons to integrate coding instruction across content areas.

#teachingfails: (First Attempt in Learning)

Room: 106B
Presenter: Matthew Rogers
Audience: K-6
Description: This session is all about facilitating risk-takers and problem solvers where we try new things together. We create a learning experience focused on failing often and persevering anyway. Hear about starting a maker space in the classroom, problem-based learning experiences, genius hour, and student-led e-portfolios where students own their learning.

Drones in Education - Make the Days Fly By!

Room: 106C
Presenters: Shana Matz and Mike Matz, Wyomissing Area School District
Audience: K-6
Description: Want to incorporate drones into your curriculum but have no idea where to start? This session will explore how to adopt Parrot drones in your classroom. With a foundation in STEM skills, learn how to take your students to the next level through interactive, innovative lessons. STEM initiatives have helped to create more project-based learning to increase student engagement and innovation. My goal is to guide on ways that drones can help foster a love for learning and therefore increase student success. Apps such as Free Flight Mini, Swift Playgrounds, Tynker, and Tickle will be utilized.

Nearpod: Empower and Engage Student Learning

Room: 106D
Presenter: Jennifer Hiles
Audience: K-6
Description: Looking for new ways to engage your students, facilitate interaction and collaboration, track student comprehension in real time using a fun an interactive tech tool? Come learn more about this engaging digital tool and how it can make a difference in your classroom.

Mystery Skype & Self-Paced Spelling Tests

Room: 106E
Presenters: Robin Young and Maureen Shulz
Audience: K-6
Description: Mystery Skype is an education game, invented by teachers, played by two classrooms on Skype or Google Hangouts. In this session participants will learn tips on how to connect their classroom with other classrooms throughout the world. A great way for students to learn geography, enhance computer skills, encourage collaboration, and is so engaging.

STEM Instructional Strategies

Room: 107
Presenters: Ed Gooch and Rachel Haverstick
Audience: K-6, Leadership
Description: Interested in gaining a better understanding of STEM teaching and learning? This session will provide participants with an overview of STEM instructional strategies and the 4Cs (critical thinking, collaboration, creativity and communication). Participants will leave with tech tool ideas to support STEM learning in 21st century classrooms.

Tips, Tricks, and Shortcuts

Room: 108
Presenter: Daniel Kaufmann
Audience: K-6, Leadership
Description: This interactive session will showcase 100+ tips, tricks, and shortcuts you can use in Chrome, in Google Drive, and YouTube. Did you know that <ctrl>+<w> will close your current tab and <ctrl>+<shift>+<t> will bring old tabs back?